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The otters are tired of living in lakes and rivers, which is why they decided to move to the city to live with humans. Although the otters found the human way of life strange, they enjoyed the internet quite a lot. After spending too much time on the internet (especially on reddit), they turned into geeks and decided to live with humans forever.

4,141 unique pieces (177 traits)
Living on Matic network as ERC-721 NFTs
Funky Otters has been completely sold out


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Social Media

We are taking our Discord and social media management one step further, which will include a pack of community managers and moderator to bring our Funky Otters community to the moon.
We need to work hard with our community to make our Discord and Twitter even cooler with new additions through time.

Community Events

After our team manages to create an active NFT community, we will include big giveaways, collaborative events with other projects, charitable events and much more.

Collab With Artists

We plan to collaborate with other artists to create a small collection of 1/1 NFTs under their own drawing direction.
All proceeds go to them. Our team thinks this step is very valuable for us because we are looking forward to what we can achieve as a community.

Merch Drops

Our team will focus on bringing Funky Otter products, selected by the community, to the physical world. This will include items such as stickers,pack and hoodies but as we mentioned, our community will decide on which items will be selected.


Insane secret project. It will be announced when the time comes.


We're currently working on a pretty cool comic book for our NFT project and will release it for all of the community members at the end of February.

Future Of Funky Otters

When all these steps are completed, our main goal will be the flawless continuation of the project and the world we want to create.

We need your support and love to make this happen


With the Baby Otter collection, marketing will accelerate and deals will be made with accounts with more followers. %25


Funky Otter owners, are you ready for a special airdrop? All members with 10 or more Funky Otters will receive 1 free Baby Otters.

Huge Giveaways.

We will give 5 x 400$ as a giveaway to 5 of our owners. %50

Mutant Otters Airdrop.

All members who have both Funky Otter and Baby Otter in their collection will be given free NFT from the Mutant Otters collection. Supply of this collection will be determined by the number of people who qualify for the airdrop. Holders of Funky Otters and Baby Otters will be rewarded with a unique NFT from Mutant Otter collection. Holders will receive 1 NFT for each couple of Funky + Baby ones. In short, this project will be a special collection with people who own both Funky Otters and Baby Otters and these people will have a very special role in discord.


As the Funky Otter team, one of the areas we are most excited about is the metaverse and we want to see ourselves in this world. That's why we've been struggling for a long time to find the right metaverse project. Instead of buying a small area from a currently popular project, we, as Funky Otters, will purchase a huge metaland from a metaverse project that has potential and will make a great contribution to us. %100


We are in the planning process

Frequently Asked

All you need to do to own a Funky Otter is; Click on our opensea link and start exploring. You can find more information on our discord channel.

Actually it's pretty easy just check out this link.

An NFT is a digital asset that represents real world objects like art, videos, music and in-game items. They are bought and sold online, frequently with cryptocurrency, and they are generally encoded with the same underlying software as many cryptos.

Each Funky Otter has been created algorithmically by mixing a variety of properties with different possibilities in the following categories:Accessory, Background, Cloth, Eyes, Head, Mouth and Skin.

You will have a special role in Discord and thanks to these roles, you have more chances in Giveaways and different events. It will provide much cooler benefits in the future.

By collecting Funky Otters you will have a voice in our community and help guide the direction of the Funk Otters. Already some great ideas have come from our community. Together, we are about to send this project to the moon with your help.

Our Team

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